Hans Friedl

Life is movement
That is the motto of the Hans Friedl therapy centre, founded in 1996.

Here, a highly qualified and committed team of physiotherapists and graduate sports teachers focus all their efforts on the well-being of the patients, who are always at the centre of their attention. Treatments reflecting the latest scientific developments are precisely matched to the needs of each individual person and form the backbone of our therapeutic activities. This is why one of our first priorities is further training of our personnel in order to maintain this high standard. In addition, interdisciplinary cooperation with a qualified master technician for orthopaedics, supra-regionally working doctors - from the orthopaedist to the internist - as well as close cooperation with the University of Freiburg allow us to

Personal details
Professional career
1993 - 1996 Education: Masseur, balneotherapist, physiotherapist
1996 – 2002 Further training: DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation)
physiotherapist Trained lymph drainage specialist Manual Therapy Training courses in the area of neurology (NMT, PNF) Trained specialist for back exercises
2002 - 2007 Education: Osteopath

Company history
1996 Foundation of the Friedl therapy centre in Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria
1999 Expansion and relocation to Edling, Bavaria
2004 Expansion and relocation to the current therapy centre located in Edling
2005 Foundation of the Rehasport association

Sport supervision
seit 1999 Chief physiotherapist of the German Cycling Federation Support of the German basketball league team TSV 1880 Wasserburg uncountable commitments at European and world championships in the areas of cycling, athletics, canoe racing and alpine skiing
2004-2006 Biomechanics for the German Ski Association

Since Sydney 2000 member of the Olympic team, member of the German Olympic Team in 2004 in Athens and in 2008 in Beijing.

Therapy center



In good hands

The goal of our experienced specialists is to return the body to the point at which imbalance started, in order to restore movement without pain. Children, adults and elder persons benefit from the vast know-how of our specialists. It is true that the Hans Friedl therapy centre with its successful rehabilitation work enjoys a very good reputation at home and abroad. The name Hans Friedl stands as guarantor for this top-quality potential in performance. Hans Friedl and his first-class team support the German league basketball team and the Germany Cycling Federation; Hans Friedl is also active in the Olympic team and the German Ski Association.

Dr. med. Horst Müller-Kittnau Orthopaedics, arthroscopy, surgery
Dr. med. Oliver Braunsperger Orthopaedics, sports medicine

Thomas Sax Orthopaedic shoe technology

Hans Friedl